DFW area Schools

There are so many variables that can be used to judge or rate our schools that no rating system is perfect. The most common means of grading a school is based on the TAKS test. Keep in mind however that there are numerous other factors that impact individual experience and the overall quality of a school and education for a paricular family or student such as individual teachers, special needs programs, parental involvement, sports and other extraciricular activities, student population, English as a Second Languauge, etc. 

   Despite the extra variables, one of our favorite resources for quick reference to the quality of the school is GreatSchools.org . They, like most of the other ratings, are based on testing scores 1st. Their overall rating for each school is calculated by averaging that school's ratings for all grade and subject combinations. In addition they also have a reviews section where parents and students can weigh in and make their comments or observations of a particular school. Reviews are helpful, but often those who take the time to write one are those who are either vary happy, or very disapointed, and may not represnt the typical experience or opinion.

  Finally, as there are so many variables and opinions making it difficult to trully judge a school, it is often best to research more directly if that is the most important factor for you in a home purchase decision. Therefore, it is often a good idea to introduce yourself and meet with neighbors when you are looking for homes. See how they feel about their neighborhood and the local schools. Your Realtor can be a very valuable source for information, as can numerous websites and scoring systems, but there is nothing like the opinions of the students and parents living in the school district and attending the school


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